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We've spent a lot of time and effort here at Dennis Carpenter Restorations designing a website that will help you find the part you need to help restore your Ford Classic. We started with one question. How can you find the part you need the easiest and fastest way possible? Different customers have different ways of searching for products online so we've designed the site with that in mind. Below we've described the different ways to do that. The basic idea of the site is set up so that we have 4 tabs at the top of the page. One for Ford Trucks, Ford Cars, Ford Tractors and Cushman Scooters. Clicking on one of those tabs locks the site into that category so all information and products come from that tab.

1. How does the Drop Down Navigation work?.

We have separated our products into year groupings across the top of the page. When you put your cursor over the date a drop down menu will appear with Categories. Choose your category based on the part you're looking for.

2. How does the "Narrow Results By" feature work?

After choosing a category you'll see some additional categories appear in column on the left side of the page. These are our "Narrow by" search features and include things such as Years, if a products is Made in the USA or if a product is an made from Original Ford Tooling. Click on one of these narrows down your search results to help finding the part you need easier. For instance. If you click on a single year like "1955", only parts in that Category that fit the year 1955 will be returned!

3. How does the Search Box work?

We have a convenient search box in the top right hand corner of every page. Simply type in the part number or description to find your part. You can also use the drop down box beside the search box to alter your search parameters. You can search the different tabs or search across the entire site!

Ford Tooling and Licensing

1. What is Original Ford Tooling?

Original Tooling describes the stamping dies, injection molds, roller dies and other tools of mass production that the Ford Motor Company used to manufacture the parts necessary to assemble their cars and trucks. In short, it means a part is made exactly the same way and using the same molds that Ford Motor Company used when they original produced the part.

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2. What does it mean for a product to be an "Official Licensed Product"?

A reproduction part that duplicates Ford's standard of quality but is not manufactured by Ford.

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