WE MAKE 11,749

different classic Ford Parts

Many of them are made in our facility in Concord, NC.


You Get What You Pay For. That's A Promise.

Daniel as a boy with his Dad's disassembled 1940 Ford Convertible
As a family owned and operated company, Dennis Carpenter has been making Ford restoration parts for over 46 years. As a kid, I was at my dad's side when he hand poured the first plastic dash knobs for our 1940 Ford convertible in an unfinished room in our home. Demand for these was strong because no one had ever made factory correct replacement knobs, and good originals were impossible to find. The business was birthed, and soon thereafter, my dad Dennis purchased our first injection molding machine for making large runs of higher quality knobs.

As the business grew, we began manufacturing rubber seals, rubber bumpers, die cast chrome parts and metal stamped parts. In 1998 Ford granted us the honor to use the original Ford factory tooling for many parts that we make now. Today we have over 160 employees at our facility making and selling quality Ford parts. We now have 12 plastic injection molding machines, a rubber extruding operation, 54 rubber molding machines, 48 metal stamping presses, 2 zinc die casting machines, 3 roller mills and many other special machines for making quality parts in America.

In the Ford restoration parts market, where most parts manufactured by others are sourced overseas (due to economics), we are proud to say that 85% of Dennis Carpenter rubber products, 95% of our stamped metal parts, 99% of our plastic injected parts and 100% of our Ford tooling parts are made in the U.S.A. Sometimes products made in the USA cost a little more than those made overseas, but you can rest in the fact that our parts are made from the highest quality materials and offer long term durability.
We appreciate your business!-Daniel and Dennis Carpenter

46 Years of Quality Parts

A look at how Dennis Carpenter Ford Restoration Parts has grown over the years


A Snapshot of Dennis Carpenter and His Fords.

Growing up on a farm in Dover, Minnesota, Dennis Carpenter was raised with a strong work ethic and was taught early on how to use machinery and what made it work. Like many young men he was fascinated with automobiles. By age 12 he bought a 1941 Ford for $12.00! That first car established an allegiance to Fords that Dennis would carry with him for the rest of his life.

Passion has been described as "Implied energetic and an unflagging pursuit of an aim". Dennis Carpenter's passion is to develop, engineer, and produce superior Ford restoration parts. From that passion comes Premium Line Weather Stripping from our extrusion department and from our stamping and injection dies, comes a dynamic variety of Officially Licensed Ford and Original Ford Tooling parts. This has been the driving force at his company since 1970.